How to Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone for Free

How to Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone for Free

1st Generation iPhone

This is the simplest step by step how to unlock and jailbreak iPhone for free guide ever published. This free iPhone unlock and jailbreak method works only with a Windows based PC (preferably Windows XP). Please make sure to backup all data and information before continuing!

iPhone 1st Generation (ALL MODELS, FIRMWARES, and BASEBANDS)
This will update your iOS to version 3.1.3!

Step 1: Download these files first (google search):
redsn0w-win_093 (extract files)
Bootloader 3.9 (should be a .bin file)
Bootloader 4.6 (should be a .bin file)

Step 2: With the iPhone connected to the computer, press and hold the power and home button together for 10 secs then release only the power button and hold the home button for an additional 15 secs.
Step 3: Open iTunes and while holding the shift key on your keyboard click Restore, and then select "iPhone1,1_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw" file you just downloaded and wait for it to successfully restore and complete.

Step 4: Open "redsn0w.exe" in the "redsn0w-win_093" folder and click the "Browse" button and locate and select the "iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw" file you just downloaded to proceed and then click "Next."
Step 5: Now check the boxes “Install Cydia” and “Unlock” and then click "Next." 
Step 6: Then click browse and locate each Bootloader file you just downloaded and then click "Next."
Step 7: Follow the on screen instructions and wait for your iPhone to reboot. 
DO NOT DISTURB THIS PROCESS! (it may take up to 15 minutes)

Step 8: When the iPhone boots up, put your in GSM SIM card and your iPhone is now unlocked and jailbroken!

Check back often for more step by step How to Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone for Free guides!